Private Instruction

Private instruction is available in 20, 30 or 45 minute sessions, depending on age and level of student. These classes include basic technique, and performance practices using a variety of methodologies including Suzuki, Traditional and Conservatory materials. Preparation for performances, festivals and exams are available for dedicated students.

Lessons are offered in three terms per year. First term is September through December (up to 14 lessons), second term is January to April (up to 12 lessons) and summer term is May through July (up to 10 lessons). Lessons that start mid-term will be pro-rated for remaining classes.

Shared Lessons

Shared lessons are available for families (parents learning alongside young children), young siblings and those who aren't quite ready for a longer lesson. These shared lessons can be 30 or 45 minutes in length. Ideal for students ages 3-5 years of age, but available for older students too depending on the situation. Contact Amy to discuss these possibilities.

Lesson Fees:

Amy Paster charges $60 per hour for violin and/or fiddle lessons as well as SKYPE lessons. Price will be adjusted for the length of time you book.

All lessons are payable in advance at the first session.

Lessons cancelled for reasons other than illness will not be made up. Lessons missed without notice will be charged for.

Trial Lesson Fee: $30. If registration results from the trial lesson, the $30 fee will go towards the last lesson of the term.

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